Starlight Diamond Ring Collection

In the entire galaxy, star is the only sky object that can emits their own lights. Compared with the other planets, stars have become part of many cultures around the world. Since many years before century, stars are used as the guidance of the religious ceremony and navigation tools. Inspired by the history, we launched the Starlight Collection and believe that small stars can also bring a big impact for this world.

Rp 2.820.000 Rp 2.115.000
Rp 176.250/12 months
Rp 1.527.000 Rp 1.145.250
Rp 95.438/12 months
Rp 2.372.000 Rp 1.779.000
Rp 148.250/12 months
Rp 3.930.000 Rp 3.144.000
Rp 262.000/12 months
Rp 2.896.000 Rp 2.316.800
Rp 193.067/12 months

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